10 Ways to Use Personalized Video

10 Ways to Use Personalized Video

Personalized Video is a new and exciting way to attract, engage, and convert leads and customers. We’ve talked to you about Personalized Video before, and recently, Jeff Gadway, our Director of Product Marketing, hosted a webinar to talk more about this exciting product, and how both Marketing and Sales teams can use Personalized Video to get drastic results. Couldn’t make it to the webinar? Here are a few key points you don’t want to miss:

Personalized content is incredibly vital for today’s marketers

It’s getting harder to capture and retain customers’ and leads’ attention. Why? We’re bombarded with marketing content. It’s estimated that we each receive 85 business emails each day! You’ve probably also heard that our attentions spans have shortened so drastically that we’re now on par with the 8-second span of the goldfish. On top of that, marketers still on average get only a 1.5% click-through rate on marketing campaigns. That’s considered the standard rate to shoot for, but that’s not good, people!  

Personalized Video is going to change everything for you. Here’s how it works.

Personalized video engages viewers on a one to one level by including personal details like a viewer’s name, company name, job title, company logo, LinkedIn photo, and so much more. It helps you build a one-to-one relationship with every single viewer, making them feel special and not just part of the masses.

Personalized Video cuts through the clutter of all the other marketing content audiences are bombarded with. They are attracted when they see their name, and they stay engaged because they feel like they’re a part of the story you’re telling.

At Vidyard, we’ve used Personalized Video in our own campaigns, so we have the proof that it works! We’ve seen a 4.5x growth in click-through rates, and click-to-open ratios have performed 16x better with personalized content. 16x! Think of it this way: that means that traditionally, 1.4 viewers click through to your landing page. But with Personalized Video, that number increases to 24 people visiting your page! That’s an impressive jump.

All that, and it’s super easy! If you want to use Vidyard’s Personalized Video in your own marketing campaigns, it’s as easy as sending us the video you’ve created through Vidyard, telling us what you want to personalize, providing the lead and customer data from your MAP, and voila! We do the rest, and send you the personalized content!