$250 Per Day With My Simple Google AdSense Method – No Website Needed

Hey friends! After a long time exploiting my method, I decided to reveal it to everyone so you can get some very decent AdSense earnings without any investment, you don’t need to pay for any website (domain name / hosting) for this method! It’s 100% safe and doesn’t involve any bot/softwares!

$$$ Here are some details about it : $$$
☆ No Software/Bot Needed!
☆ No Need To Pay For A Website (Domain Name + Hosting)
☆ No Paid Ads (Like Bing or Facebook Ads)
☆ 100% Google AdSense Safe & Legal
☆ 100% AUTOMATED Payments
☆ Set Up Takes Less Than 1 Day
☆ Requires Only 25 Min Of Your Daily Time
☆ No Investment Required
☆ No Cracking / Programming Websites / Specific Skills Required
☆ Can Be Done From Anywhere In The World
☆ No e-Whorring / Carding / Trading / Cryptos / Dropshipping / e-Commerce / Fiverr / CPA / Adult / Calls
☆ Never Shared Before
☆ Easily Scalable
☆ Admin Approved


With google adsense , If you Work hard , you can make over 1500$ per month , and it’s pretty easy !
To start you need a blog :
Post your blog in the program adsense. You must be accepted in adsense in order to start.
Then we will use, Palringo available here (it’s like Telegram) :
Once you have your ads in your blog , you can start !
I make around $50 everyday putting in about 25 min of work.
You need to exchange your blog with other person. I use Palringo groups for my exchanging.
Here are a few of the terms you will come across when exchanging:
Imp = Impression (X amount of refreshes on the person’s website)
Ad click : This makes the person’s CTR go up, which gives more money per ad click.
You may be asking “Why would I do this for another person?”
The answer is simply, because they will return the favor. So say you want 20 imps, and 1 ad click. You
would tell them that, also telling them the proper wait times wouldn’t hurt either.
Here’s the message I paste to them when exchanging:
Please read and follow these carefully.
(y) Use Google Incognito (Ctrl + Shift + N)
(n) Don’t use a VPN or proxy.
(y) Wait 10 seconds between each impression
(y) 20 Impressions on the website (1 impression = 1 refresh)
(y) 1 ad click
(y) Click the ad at the bottom of the page
(y) On the last impression wait 30 seconds before clicking
(y) Post proof without http or www
(n) Don’t post the http or www
Website: Yourwebsitehere
I will do the same for you!
The most important thing is to wait 30 seconds after the last imp, and to not post http:// or www.
When posting proof.
Groups to join for exchange (some don’t exist anymore or just change their name regularly) :
ana ex
You can use the search function of Palringo or even in Facebook groups (look for C4C adsense) to find
new groups 🙂