7-Figure Mini Groups By Caleb O’Dowd

The exact sales funnel we use to generate up to 12x return on ad spend without webinars, VSLs, book, or tripwire sales funnels.

“I’m pulling 12x return on ad spend using Caleb’s MiniGroup sales funnel. No other campaign pulls better for me than this on cold traffic.” — Jon Benson, Inventor of the Video Sales Letter

30 Day Guarantee

You must make a significant profit in the first 30-days with your Mini Group. Otherwise, we’ll give you a full refund. Please note you must advertise this funnel to qualify for a refund. That’s because we know if you do advertise this funnel, you’ll be too busy fattening up your bank account to even THINK about a refund.

Caleb O’Dowd from ROItips is a marketing expert originally from Ireland. He is now residing in Florida and has a long list of business accomplishments.

The following article is our opinion based on research. Attempts have been made for accuracy. Readers should review their own research.

Caleb specializes in several marketing disciplines:

Direct response mail
newspaper advertising
CPA marketing
video sales letters
Facebook group marketing
Top marketer accolade

Joe Schreifer, chief publisher of Agora says Caleb is one of the top marketers in the world. (Agora is a 350-million-dollar financial company where Caleb O’Dowd has consulted.) Gary Halbert published in his newsletter that Caleb is one of the 10 best copywriters in the world.