Commission Hero – Robby Blanchard

The world’s #1 Clickbank affiliate, Robby Blanchard, is your guide throughout this course.

The goal of this course is to help you earn over $1000 per day using Robby’s system. In Robby’s words, “this is the best way to make money online”. I don’t agree, but that doesn’t make this course irrelevant.

The path to success with affiliate marketing for Robby Blanchard is by means of Facebook marketing.

Paid traffic on Facebook is Robby’s golden key to getting paid some serious cash on a daily basis. That’s everyone’s dream, right?

Things that Robby teaches in this course you are:

  • How to get setup in Clickbank
  • How to choose the right offer
  • Getting setup in and getting familiar with Facebook
  • Running ads on Facebook
  • Tracking & Scaling your campaigns
  • Snapchat training

All in all, this course is a very good one due to how comprehensive it is. It’s not difficult to follow along at all and I think one of the best parts of this program is the private FB group. Everyone is very responsive which makes it easy to go in and ask whatever question you need. Definitely no negativity there.