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If you are a product owner and you have an affiliate program, feel free to mail us. At Daily Job Killer, we are famous for creating an honest product review and we guarantee just provide honest review only. Of course, we need review copy (must be premium account) so we can do as what we always. We can make review post and review video for you. At present ,the traffic on this site is up to 1,000 visitors per day (on average) so you get huge traffic potential (we will not guarantee sales for you as it depends on the quality and popularity of your products)

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Note :

For bonus that requires manual verification, this is because some of them are premium softwares and they are not cancellable, so, we want to make sure you don’t refund before giving you access. Sorry for that because there’s a lot abusiveness out there.

If you buy products through us just to get bonus and then simply request refund, do not send any email, comment on Youtube channel if you are self-respected.

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