Crossing the Chasm


In a world increasingly wrapped in technology, knowing how to handle different markets is essential if you want to innovate. You will only be able to reach the different audiences in a competitive and accelerated way if you learn how to end this chasm. In Crossing the Chasm, the author presents us the most varied markets and their characteristics for high technology businesses. Also, he explains how these characteristics lead to a chasm between these markets, presenting the appropriate way to deal with them. Crossing the Chasm is the bible for anyone who wants to bring cutting-edge products to the big markets.



The first step in bringing your highly technological product to the big markets is to understand how the chasm between early adopters and the initial majority works. Also, you need to know your customer, understand what segment they are in and what is important to each of them.

So if you want to have market leadership, have an efficient product, choose a market and expand from there.