Dropship Lifestyle – Anton Kraly

Anton qualifies as an experienced drop shipping (that’s how he spells it) coach. He’s been doing drop shipping since 2012 and has made millions selling his online courses.

I hope you read that sentence carefully and it sunk in.

According to available info, confirmed by Anton himself, he made $3,68 million in revenue in three years before he sold his most successful dropshipping business. Since then it seems he has been solely focused on the course, Drop Ship Lifestyle, which brought in $3,5 million in 2016 alone…

After that information was shared on the public domain, Anton hasn’t been forthcoming with any further financial information. It’s not even known whether he still does drop shipping himself…

Back to the course though, which is his bread and butter. Anton definitely knows what he’s talking about as he guides you through every step of his version of the drop shipping way.

Anton has a unique take on drop shipping, which is why DSL is such a popular course. Drop Ship Lifestyle proposes high-ticket drop shipping, as opposed to the traditional dropshipping approach.

It’s different because you don’t:

  • hunt for fads/trending products all the time.
  • You do not sell cheap products (so fewer returns/queries)
  • You don’t deal with Chinese vendors / manufacturers (fewer problems with shipping, quality, etc.)

I like this approach. It’s much more appealing than selling low-ticket products where you have to sell huge quantities before making a decent profit. You also get to specialize in your niche.