Facebook Algorithm Changes & What to Expect in 2019

Facebook Algorithm Changes & What to Expect in 2019

Globally, nearly 1.5 billion people log into Facebook every day. The power of the platform to engage and connect people makes it an important resource in the arsenal of any marketer. Those who have paid attention to the news over the past year, however, also know that the platform has made significant changes over the past twelve months, impacting how businesses reach their target audience. The platform has also faced scandals, which led to many users reevaluating how they use the platform.

Brands who want to optimize their opportunity on social media should consider these Facebook advertising changes as well as the anticipated trends for 2019 as they begin to formulate their social media strategy.

The 2018 & 2019 headlines about Facebook and Instagram

Facebook’s new ad disclosure policy

Facebook’s new ad disclosure feature will let users see why they’re being targeted by certain ads, including the whole trail of how their information got to that point. The trail will indicate whether they’re on a customer list or their information was sold to advertisers through a third-party, and will even identify the agency that uploaded the data. This good faith gesture is a part of Facebook’s new transparency efforts. Armed with this information, users can then remove the unwanted advertiser in their Facebook account ad preferences or request their data to be removed from a list. This is something you should keep in mind when advertising, especially if purchasing third-party data.