From Impossible To Inevitable


It is the first time in history that it is possible to set up a startup, and using information available on blogs and books it is possible to learn virtually everything about selling your product, hiring the right people, retaining your customers. But the market and investors continue to search for unicorns, companies valued at more than $ 1 billion. With this excellent pressure for growth and speed, the need for hyper-growth arises. If you needed to dramatically increase your income over the next few years, would you know how to do it? Expanding your business does not depend on luck and does not come overnight. Growing and growing companies use formulas and follow standards to achieve and sustain accelerated growth. Hence, ‘From Impossible to Inevitable’ is a masterpiece by authors Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross. Jason is an investor and founder of SaaStr, having already built large companies. Already, Aaron Ross is the author of the classic ‘Predictable Revenue’ and lived the explosive growth of Salesforce. The book presents the details of how great and renowned companies have managed to achieve hyper-growth. Learn to face the difficulties, make the right decisions and increase your sales. Find out what are the ingredients of hyper-growth and follow the right steps to implement them in your company. This is an essential book for any entrepreneur, and we strongly recommend reading the book in its entirety.


Final Notes:

Once you learn to face difficulties and make the right decisions, you will increase your sales! Follow the correct steps to implement them in your company.