Gary Vaynerchuk is a legend in social networks. The guy is so big that he has more than 1 million followers on Twitter and hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers. In Knockout, he shares his advice on how to relate to his client and beat the competition in the age of social networks. Many companies, when planning their marketing strategies for social networks, decide to offer promotions in advance to beat the competition. However, the author explains that this is not the best strategy. To have competitive advantages these days in social media marketing, the goal is to relate to the client with mastery. Learn from an expert how to win over your customers and have a successful marketing campaign in the age of social networking! We will show you!


Final Notes

To this day there is no cake recipe or a perfect combination of punches to win on social networks. So it’s impossible to know in advance how many jabs you need to give before it’s time to give the right hook. You will only discover this after many attempts and observations.

With so many voices and so much information being produced, the only way to highlight your brand is to deliver new and interesting content. Do not forget that social networks value quantity and quality. Try good combinations and practice hard to get to the Knockout.