Understanding the Different PLR Terms – Resell, Giveaway, Master Resell, etc.

PLR terms and rights can be a tad bit confusing to the newbie internet marketer. Even the experienced marketers sometimes scratch their heads when studying the terms and conditions of the different PLR products out there.

This article will be a primer and give you a quick breakdown of the most common PLR terms out there. It goes without saying that you should comply with the terms of the package. Not only does it show integrity on your part, but you’ll also not be setting yourself up for any future problems.

We live in a very litigious world these days and you could even face legal action if you don’t adhere to the terms and conditions.

It is also no secret that one way you can make money online is through buying and selling products that have resell rights. However, it’s important that you appreciate the various categories of resell rights products that are out there.

For starters there are 5 categories of resell rights products you may want to familiarize yourself with.

Basic Resell Rights Products

Basic Resell Rights give you the rights to sell the products and retain all of the profits from the product. You’re selling the product as if it is your own creation. However, you will not be able to edit the product or transfer the same rights to others. In other words your customers may use the products for themselves but they may not give away or resell the products to others.

Master Resell Rights Products

Master Resell Rights similarly do not allow you to modify or edit the product but you can sell the products directly to your customers along with the Basic Resell Rights for those products. This means your customers will have the right to use the products for themselves as well as resell the products to others.

Private Label Rights (PLR) Products

The third category, Private Label Rights (PLR) is quite interesting in that you have the rights to edit, modify and customize the product and its content as you wish. You could make minor tweaks or a major overhaul of the content. The choice is yours.

You’ll also be able to put your name as the author. Since you’ve now edited the product and made it your own, you’ll be able to sell Basic Resell Rights and even sell Master Resell Rights for the products to your buyers.

It is however important to note that with standard PLR material you cannot pass on the Private Label Rights of a product to others that buy the PLR product from you.
The reason for this is that the original product creator still needs to make an income from his/her product. So, if someone likes a resell rights product you’re selling but they wish to edit it, the only way they can do so is by buying the Private Label Rights from the original creator of the product.
Once they do that, they’ll get access to the source files such as the word files, PSDs, etc. Then they can edit the products to their heart’s content.

Unrestricted Private Label Rights (PLR) Products

Unrestricted Private Label Rights can be considered to be the ultimate of resell products. Unrestricted Private Label Rights Products have all the benefits of standard PLR and none of the drawbacks. 
You have the rights to do anything you wish with your product once you buy it. This includes everything you can do with Standard PLR plus you can pass on Private Label Rights to any of your buyers. If you are the original author of such a product you will be easily able to charge a premium price for it.

 Giveaway rights Products

Finally, Give away rights mean exactly that: You can give away the product for free only. You may not edit, resell or claim it as your own but this will usually depend on the terms in the PLR license. A good way of making money from such products is to give them away in a free package that has hyperlinks to affiliate products which will earn you affiliate commissions.

The next time you wish to buy or sell a product with resell rights, always remember to take a really close look at the product’s license before you buy it. The Devil is in the details.

Should You Rewrite Your PLR?

You may have read or heard this advice ad nauseam – “Rewrite your PLR and make it unique.”

The question is – Do you really need to rewrite your PLR?

I totally understand the hesitation. After all, most people buy PLR because it is convenient. They do not want to do any writing from scratch. That’s why they’re buying PLR, yes?

It’s also cheaper than getting your own content written. So… why should you try and make it unique? Why even bother with PLR if it still requires effort and money to make it unique?

I’ll try and give you the most honest and balanced answer as possible.

Firstly, you must know why you are purchasing the PLR.

  • Are you buying PLR to resell them as your own products?
  • Are you using PLR articles as content for your own site?
  • Do you need PLR as base content from which you’ll create your own content

Buying PLR products to resell

If you are buying PLR products to resell them,… Let’s assume you buy a PLR eBook about controlling diabetes. Now, if you wish to sell it as your own eBook, you do not really need to rewrite the entire eBook.

You should change the ecover and title of the book though. This is the bare minimum you should try to do. This will make your product appear unique. You must understand that you’re not the only one who is purchasing the PLR product.

There may be many other marketers who bought the exact same product. The majority of them will sell the product as it is without even bothering to change the cover or the title.

Some time back, I purchased a PLR product called PLR Money. I designed a new cover for the product and made it look like a brand new product and separated my product from the pack… just because it looks different.

I’ve written another article on rebranding your PLR. It delves into this topic in greater depth.

The point is that you could give your product a new look instead of rewriting the entire thing. What matters is that the PLR you use must be high-quality. Luckily for you,Flaming Hot PLR is up there with the best. 

Buy PLR as content for your site/blogs

Ok… so you have a new site and you need content. PLR is a great way to get started. The key words here are “get started”.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Your site will do much better if you use unique content. So, if you want to rank in the organic search engines, it is crucial to get your PLR rewritten.

You could do it yourself or you could outsource it. I actually have a PLR rewriting service. You can check it out by clicking here.

Or you could hire someone from… Yes, yes… I know about sites like Fiverr and the Warrior Forum. But… if you’re on a budget, Ineedarticles is one of the best places to go. The quality is excellent for the low prices you pay.

I personally think it’s better than iWriter or Fiverr… but you could try them all and decide for yourself.

Now, if you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend money getting your articles rewritten, you could mix up paragraphs from different PLR articles on the same topic. With some clever cutting and pasting, your content will be more unique than just using it as it is.

If you’re worried about getting hit by the duplicate content penalty, you can read my article about this here. You don’t need to worry about the duplicate content penalty if you follow the advice in the article.

Using PLR as base content

If you’re using PLR as base content, then you’d most probably be writing your own articles and using the PLR to cut down your research time. I’d strongly advise you to spend some time doing fact checking to confirm that the facts in the PLR are reliable.

Once again, use high-quality PLR and your job will be much easier.

To sum it up, it is highly advisable to rewrite your PLR. You will be able to make your product unique and also derive a certain sense of pride because it is your own product.

Rewriting PLR can be described using this analogy. It’s like renovating and redecorating a house. It’s easier than building a new house but still requires some effort. In the end it will reflect your style and personality.

That’s branding… and it’s totally worth the effort.

How Do I Rebrand My PLR? | Ways To Make Your PLR Unique

Rebranding your PLR basically means giving the PLR you purchased a brand new look. By doing this, you will separate yourself from all the other buyers who purchased the same PLR product.

The truth of the matter is this – most people who try online marketing are lazy. They’ll either not use the PLR they’ve bought or if they use it, they’ll use it exactly as it is and their results will be nothing to write home about.

The successful marketers will take the PLR they’ve bought, use it for a specific purpose (either as web content or as a product to sell), give it a brand new look and market it as their own creation.

The beauty about PLR is that it cuts down your production time massively. Your costs are also much lower. However, there are a few things you still must do.

If you’re using the PLR content on your website or blog, you should have it rewritten. You could do this yourself or hire someone from to do it for you.

I could do it for you too. Click here to find out more.

The next step will be to give it a brand new look.

Now… there are many excellent PLR products that come with sales pages, ecovers, etc. Rick Warid produces excellent packages with very attractive ecovers and the writing is good too.

However, I’d advise you to use the reports as they are but get your own graphics designed. All you will need are ecovers, a header for the site and a footer graphic. If you got all of it done on Fiverr, it would come up to about 15 bucks. That is fantastic value.

So why do I ask you to create your own graphics? In fact, most of the PLR come with PSDs so that you can add your name and create a new title.

Why? Why? Why?

Simple… By using the same graphics and just changing the text… it is NOT ENOUGH!

The graphics look the same! Now the potential customer starts wondering, “Hey, I saw this product before but it had a different author and title. Something is wrong here…  hmm”… *scratches head*… “I think I’ll give this one a pass.

That’s it… you just lost the sale because the potential buyer had doubts crop up.

Get your own graphics designed. It’s extremely affordable with Fiverr and there really is no excuse to sell the PLR as it is.

If you do not wish to pay someone else, there are options. You know me… I always offer options. 

Actually, the only other option is to do it yourself. 

If you are good with graphic design, you could create a new cover for your PLR and that would be fantastic. If you do not have a background in graphic design, my advice is to outsource it.

I’m telling you this from personal experience. I have spent hours trying to design graphics myself and at the end of it all, they still look amateurish. So… that was time wasted.

If you still wish to do it yourself, you have 2 options.

  1. You could use the software at Myecovermaker. You will pay about $4.95 to create your own cover.
  2. Another option will be to purchase eCover Authority

eCover Authority uses a very similar platform as Myecovermaker. The biggest difference is that you only pay for it once and you can make as many ecovers as you want.

That’s fantastic. I actually purchased it and made the ecovers below. Not too bad eh?


The software is not always available for sale… So, you might want to put your name on the wait list.

Now, while I’ve made many ecovers for my PLR products, the difference here is that the people buying my PLR are buying it for the content… and the ecovers are just there to make things a little attractive.

This is very different from trying to sell a PLR eBook about Rose Gardening or Dog Training. For products like these, your target market are average consumers and NOT online marketers.

In the real world, people do judge a book by its cover. So, your graphics must be outstanding. If you can do them yourself, go for it. If you can’t, get someone who can.

That pretty much sums it up.

You rebrand your PLR by:

  • Giving them a brand new look, if you’re selling them.
  • Rewriting and making them unique, if you’re using the PLR as content.

Other additional ways would be to :

  • Convert the PLR to videos
  • Insert your affiliate links in the PLR to make affiliate sales

Now that you know how to rebrand your PLR, do give it a go. It’s really not that difficult and the extra effort you put in to do it will pay dividends many times over in the future.

Is it a Good Idea to Spin Articles?

You may have heard the term “article spinning”. It sounds so exciting. You take one article, throw it into an article spinner (software) and it creates 50 new articles. Fantastic isn’t it?

No… it’s not. Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is… just like how the brighter the photo is, the darker the negative is.

Let’s look at this in greater detail.

Assuming you used an article spinner to generate a number of copies of your PLR articles, what you would end up with is a hotchpotch of articles that are a mix of synonyms, weird sentence structures, etc.

No matter how good an article spinner is, there is only a certain limit as to what it can do. It will never be able to produce an article of the same quality as a writer would.

If you used the spun PLR articles on your site without editing them, your readers would struggle to make sense of the gobbledygook on your site and in all likeliness will lose respect for you.

Once that happens, traffic to your site will drop and so will visitor retention. Google will notice this and drop you off the rankings so fast that your head will spin faster than the articles you’ve been spinning.

Many sites that used spun articles aren’t around anymore. They ended up deindexed and have never been seen again.

Now the question is… Should you avoid article spinners totally?

My answer would be yes… BUT… that is my opinion.

If you need tons of content and you do not have the time or budget to get them manually rewritten, you could use an article spinner and spin your PLR articles. However, you must proofread them and ensure that they read well and make sense.

I would only recommend one article spinner for your PLR. You can read which one here.

You should note that Google and other search engines’ algorithms are so advanced, that they can detect spun content these days. They do not even bother indexing spun content anymore.

You could get around this by checking your spun content in Copyscape to ensure that they pass. Anything that results in a percentage above 10% should be rewritten so that your article appears as original as possible.

Your best bet would be to manually rewrite your PLR articles.

But what if you hate writing and struggle with it? What do you do then?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. I’ve written an article about how you should rewrite your PLR. It will tell you what to do even if you can’t write. So, there is hope.

Article spinners are not your only option. Google wants you to be a good content creator and not a washing machine.

All You Need To Know About the Google Duplicate Content Penalty

Everybody wants their sites/blogs/pages to rank well in Google or other search engines. One technique whereby one can achieve this, and ultimately increase business, is through search engine optimization.  

Unfortunately, search engines do not receive appropriate content exclusively but also get a ton of search engine spam. 

This search engine spam describes the practice of changing website content (spinning) so that the website is listed higher among the engine results.  

In previous years one could be ranked high on search engine searches simply by repeating a keyword countless times.

However, today’s advanced search engines are far more complex.  This article will provide information on how one may face a duplicate content penalty.

Google is one of the most popular search engines and they have been waging war against all forms of search engine spam, particularly the presentation of duplicate content.  Here are a few tips…

Do Not Repeat of Keywords Constantly

This worked in the past. Now, it will work against you. Google has become a lot smarter and is able to pick up when you’re writing for the search engines instead of the visitors.

Alter Affiliate Programs Swipe Text

Generally, Google doesn’t seem to have much of an issue about sites using affiliate links, etc. It isn’t entirely happy about it but… it closes one eye. However, you should always alter the swipe/promotional text you get from the affiliate products’ websites.

Using ‘cookie cutter’ content for affiliate products just might wake the sleeping and already grumpy Google lion. So, it would be wise to rewrite the swipe text if you’re putting them up on your site.

And now let me address the biggest misconception…

Many marketers believe that they will be penalized for using content that appears on other sites. This is NOT true.

You will not be penalized for using content that appears on other sites. This especially applies to PLR content. (Just make sure you have permission to reproduce the content if it’s not PLR)

The duplicate content penalty is given to sites that use the exact same content on several pages in their site. This is a sign of trying to manipulate the system.

The key point point here – One piece of content should only appear once on your site!

If you take a single PLR article and use it to create 10 pages and just change the page title, this will be duplicate content because the same article appears 10 times on 1 site.

I hope this clarifies things.

There is nothing wrong with using PLR content on your sites. Many news articles are syndicated and appear in several different websites. The content is exactly the same, yet the sites are not penalized because the content only appears once.

That is the crux of the matter… and that’s how the duplicate content penalty works.

Discover Why You Should Only Use High-Quality PLR

If you’ve been buying PLR for any length of time, you’d have come across PLR where there are thousands of articles in just one pack and it’s going for peanuts.

Your eyes light up and you think. “Wow! 300,000 PLR Articles in 1,000 niches for only $4.95!”

Imagine that! Such value… and here at Flaming Hot PLR, they’re charging me $7 for a measly 10 or 15 articles! Arun, you’re such a conman!

Hey hey… hear me out first before you run off and buy that “value” pack.

This is what you need to know about those massive PLR packs and why almost all of them are useless and could even be detrimental to your online marketing.

Poor/low Quality Writing

Trust me on this one. I purchased 1 of these massive packs for $67 only to discover later on that the exact same thing was being sold on Fiverr for… well.. $5. The quality of the writing was atrocious and any plans I had about rewriting them disintegrated because the material was mostly fluff and there were no substantial facts.

Old, outdated content

Many of these articles are outdated and have been around for ages. they have been worked to death. The content is not unique and you will end up having to rewrite the entire article for it to pass Copyscape. So now, you have old, poorly written content.

Are you even sure that its PLR?

Nothing is so bad that it can’t get worse. There is usually no way to prove if the articles in these massive packs are original PLR content or they used a software to scrape content from all over the web and just did some quick copying and pasting. Have you noticed that no one knows who created the PLR?

This in itself should make sirens start ringing in your head. All the best PLR producers will gladly put their name on their PLR content.

Tiffany Lambert, Rick Warid, Justin Popovic, Ruth Pound, Kate Reiger and a few others are some of the best PLR producers around (let’s not forget me too )… and all of them will always say that it’s their PLR.

That is the difference. You must find PLR created by someone who is willing to stand behind their products. 

There is a reason the top PLR sellers charge a dollar a page and some even higher. Effort as gone into the writing and research. There is a certain level of quality that you can expect.

What if I do find articles that I could use in those huge packs?

You could. With thousands of articles in the massive packs, I’m sure there are some that you could use. After all, even a blind pig stumbles upon an acorn now and then… but the time wasted looking for something that you could use and rewriting the content should be factored in your decision.

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you. You could get the massive PLR packs… but do check if the content is indeed PLR and make it as unique as you can.

Which Is the Best PLR Article Spinner? | Spinning PLR Made Easy

In a previous article, I mentioned my disdain for article spinning. I received a couple of emails asking me if it was ok to spin PLR articles till they were unique… and then rewritten till they made sense and published as content.

My answer to this is yes… It is ok. I am against spinning articles and just throwing them up online as they are. Most of the spun content is rubbish and doesn’t read well.

However, if you use an article spinner to spin an article, you may end up with one that bears a 40% to 50% resemblance to the original. If you then edit and rewrite the spun content and make it good, you would have a brand new article.

Your time to create this new article would be much shorter than rewriting it without a spinner.

In this case, yes… you definitely can use an article spinner for your PLR.

I’m a writer and I understand that not everyone likes writing. Some people are pressed for time and need articles fast. If you’re on a tight budget, outsourcing the rewriting may not be an option. All these are very likely scenarios.

So, if you want to do less work and create more content without paying anyone else… you should use a good article spinning software.

There are many spinners on the market. I’ve tried a few and the best one out there isSpin Rewriter. It is second to none.

I bought it and tried it out… It’s fantastic.

I stopped using it because I prefer writing articles from scratch and since I create PLR, I cover a wide range of different topics within a niche instead of one topic repeated several time .

I didn’t need an article spinner.

However, if you need one, Spin Rewriter is the best. Hands down.

Yes, there are free spinners out there and many paid ones too. Yet, none are half as good.

That being said, as fantastic as Spin Rewriter is, you will still need to read the content that it churns out, edit it, make sure it passes Copyscape and your content is good to go.

If you think that an article spinner will help you and fits in with your business plan, by all means go for it. There is no right or wrong answer. What really matters is that your decisions should benefit you and help with your online marketing journey while also adding value to the market place.

Do I Need to Worry About Saturation In Regards to My PLR?

This is a common worry that many marketers have when purchasing PLR.

They often think, “If 500 other people have bought the same pack, how am I going to compete?

The first solution that pops up in their head is to lower their prices drastically. They attempt to compete on price. This is suicidal. You could drop your price to  2 or 3 dollars but your earnings will be so paltry you wouldn’t be able to justify your effort.

What you should do is try to differentiate your PLR from the masses. That’s what you should do.

Don’t copy the rest and sell your PLR as it is.

I’ve written an article on rebranding your PLR. Read it and apply it. Give your PLR a brand new look so that it appears completely different. Give the product an author name to add credibility to it. Create some bonuses or use other PLR products as bonuses.

Your package should have more value and look totally different from what you purchased. Now, it will appear as if you have a brand new product and you will not have to compete with the rest.

You can charge whatever you want because your product appears unique. The potential buyer will also notice that your product is different from the masses of other products that look the same but have different prices.

They will be much more likely to buy your product. This is exactly how you use PLR.

Always remember that there is no such thing as market saturation. This is a convenient excuse used by lazy marketers to take the easy way out.

There are marketers who buy PLR and rebrand them till they look totally different. They then go on to sell the hell out of these products at high prices and make good money.

The beginner marketer pouts and frets that people are selling his PLR so low that he can’t break a profit.

Know the difference. Spend some time on your PLR and make it look good. This extra effort is the difference that makes the difference.

Creating Master Resell Rights Products/Packages That Have Massive Value

The famous motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once said… “We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. It takes time,… but we get paid for the value, not the time.

This is extremely true if you are hoping to become a successful marketer. The amount of value you provide will determine the prices that you can charge.

It will also mean having a loyal group of buyers who will look forward to the products you release. There will be low refund rates and you’ll also have affiliates eager to promote your products.

Can you use PLR to create products with such value?
You definitely can.

For starters, you will need to only use high-quality PLR products. If you use cheap, low quality PLR, you will be facing an uphill product creating a product that has value. You can’t train a 3-legged donkey to win a horse race.

I’ve written 2 articles on what to look for when choosing quality plr and where you can find some of the best PLR around

Now… rebranding your PLR is a given. I always recommend giving your PLR a brand new look. However, most often a single PLR product only has so much value.

Now… what if you combined 4 to 7 PLR products to form a package that has massive value? What if you gave all those products a new look?
Would you have a package of value? You bet you will!

Package 8 to 10 PLR products, rebrand them and you can charge $37 to even $97 by offering master resell rights to the entire package. Your buyers will be able to sell the products individually and profit.

You could have an upsell for PLR rights. That means your buyer will be able to edit the products instead of just reselling them. One suggestion would be to charge $37 for the package and have an upsell of $27. Many buyers will take you up on the upsell offer.

The only catch here is that you will need to gather several PLR products to put them together. You will need to design new graphics such as ecovers, headers, etc. You may need to create a salespage and handle all the other bits and pieces that come with selling a product.

It does take some work… not too much…. But some effort is required. However, now you will have a unique package of immense value that many marketers will want.

The best way to compile a group of PLR products will be to join a PLR membership site. You will then have thousands of products at your disposal to combine and re-brand. This will be much cheaper than buying individual PLR products.

PLR Assassin is probably one of the best PLR sites that has tons of PLR products to pick and choose from. This strategy works best if you can get many products at a low cost without compromising quality. I really don’t see any other way other than joining a plr membership site.

Remember to have an affiliate sign up page so that people can promote your products too. This will help get the word out that you are a PLR producer to contend with.

7 Strategies to Using PLR Effectively

Clever and effective use of PLR content is a skill that any savvy online entrepreneur should have in their arsenal to generate good profits online. As an online marketer you need to be acquainted with how to use PLR properly so that you get the best results without leaving yourself short changed. 

In this article I will share with you a few methods that you can use to get the most benefit from your PLR.

Strategy 1 – Sell the Products “As Is”

firesaleSelling PLR in its original, unmodified form is one easy way you can use to generate some income for yourself. I must be quick to mention however that if you are going to take the product, upload it and sell it using the built-in sales material that came with it you may need to do a few things first.

First of all, if the sales material that comes with the PLR does not contain an area to sign up your subscribers then you should log into your auto responder account and create an Opt-in page and auto responder series.

You will then have to entice your prospective clients to sign up to your email list by offering the first couple of chapters in the PLR product away as a “Free Gift”. This way if they don’t buy the PLR product on their first visit you still have them on your email list and you can make follow up sales or market some other products to them.

You can also boost your sales by anywhere between 30-70% quite easily by packaging the product together with an upsell of something that you know the buyer will genuinely want. For example, you could modify your checkout process to include an offer to some special reports, bonus content or other related PLR material like “Resell Rights” to the Original Product.

These can be offered as an upsell where your buyer has the option upgrade to a special package with these extras for an additional payment. It is astounding how many buyers will take up your offer!

Strategy 2- Use eBay/ Trade bit/Fiverr

It is also possible to sell your PLR product on eBay, Trade bit orFiverr. Before you do this I strongly advise you go through and understand the licensing terms on your PLR. Some product authors do not permit their PLR material to be put up and sold on Auction sites like eBay. However, there’s a smart little way you can use to avoid this problem and still sell your product without violating your license.

All you need to do is to offer a product that you have Resell or Private Label Rights to on eBay at the front-end. After the client buys your product and becomes your customer, you go on to offer them the PLR product you were initially targeting to market to them as a back end offer. This tactic is very useful as you do not want to miss out on the huge volumes of traffic that visits eBay simply because you PLR license does not allow you to sell on auction sites.

Strategy 3 – Publishing content on the Web

Publishing content on the web is another usefully popular strategy that you can employ in your online business. Just simply choose an existing PLR product like a book and break it into several smaller articles that you publish on your website or blog.

This content should be able create search engine traffic that you can convert into paying clients. These customers will be able to buy products directly on your site or through affiliate links or AdSense clicks.

Remember that just because you are publishing content that is already in your product on your blog or website does not mean you cannot sell the same book on your website or blog. Recycling content is one excellent way to get the most value out of your PLR. As a side note, if you decide to use PLR material this way, just be sure to do some basic rewriting of the material so as to make it more unique.

Strategy 4- Loading content onto your Autoresponder

Another really cool thing you can do with PLR content is to use it to build an email list for your email marketing campaign. The approach will be quite similar to strategy 3 except that in this case you break down your PLR content and put it into an auto responder series.

By splitting the content into chunks you can create a newsletter and automatically follow up your subscribers over an extended period of time. Every issue of your newsletter may contain a link to your product or recommendations for other related affiliate products you are promoting.

Strategy 5 – Start your own membership Site

Arguably one of the best online business models and strategy out there, membership sites have the ability to create repeated monthly earnings from a single sale. With this strategy, your customer will pay a monthly or annual fee to become a member on your site and access special products that are available in the members’ area for free.

Your job will be to consistently add high quality content and material to the members’ area for your members to download. As with most PLR I recommend that you double check your PLR product license before uploading material to your membership site. Some PLR content is not permitted to be put up on membership sites. Unfortunately, there are no tactics around this one.

Strategy 6- Viral Marketing

It is awfully easy and very effective to turn several chapters or sections of any PLR book into a report with free content that you can use for viral marketing. The idea is to have a report that gives useful and free information on a particular subject that is related to the main product. The report should entice the customer to want to buy the main product. As you sell the product, you have the option to upsell resell rights to the original product to the buyer. The free report can be circulated through your network and mailing lists.

Strategy 7- Set up an Affiliate program

There are a lot of affiliates who are actively looking for new products to send traffic to and earn some commissions. You can tap into this opportunity by setting up your PLR products to an affiliate program through sites like ClickBank.

Do note that for this strategy to work effectively you must be prepared to repackage your PLR products. Another thing you need to do is to set up you products on the ClickBank or JVZoo marketplace, and offer very high commissions (between 50%-to 70%).

After setting up on these marketplaces, you will then turn your focus on enrolling affiliates and partners that can promote and market your products.

This beauty with this strategy is that it presents you with an opportunity to convert your prospective buyers and customers into affiliates through an autoresponder follow up sequence. Even if the prospect never buys from you, they can still promote your products for you.

The possibilities with PLR are endless. You just need to be imaginative

Easy Ways to Turn Your PLR into Cash

The problem with PLR is that most people who buy them have no real plan or idea of what to do with them. The PLR just sits in their hard drive collecting virtual dust and never sees the light of day.

The most important thing about buying PLR is that YOU MUST USE THEM… and use them quick. It’s all too easy to say you will get to it later and tomorrow becomes the day after… which become the day after that… until 3 months later the PLR is still sitting in a zip folder unopened.

Do not wait too long before using your PLR or you might end up like the guy on the right.. or gal. I can’t be sure.

I’ll give you a few quick ways to turn your PLR into cash. They are relatively quick and easy. Even if you do a little daily, these will accrue over time and you will benefit in the long run.

Use it as newsletter/ecourse content

You bought a pack of PLR articles on potty training? Excellent. Load them into your autoresponder sequence and sent one article out every 4 days or so. This is content that members on your list will snap up.

Whaaat? You don’t have a list? How dare you! Start building one… but first key in these articles in the autoresponder.

Use them as blog posts

This can be tied in with the earlier point. How? Excellent question.

First, you run the PLR you brought through Copyscape. Then you’ll need to edit it till it’s 90% to 100%  unique. Now you can put it up on your blog as posts.

In your autoresponder sequence, you give a teaser of the article and tell the reader that if they wish to read the full article, they can read it on your blog and you provide them a link to your blog post.

Do monetize your blog posts with either adsense, product recommendations or affiliate links. You do need to generate income, yes? Of course!

Always remember that you do not want your blog posts to be carbon copies of other people’s posts (they bought the same PLR as you). Alter, edit, modify, personalize… whatever they’re calling it these days… just make sure your PLR is made unique.

Create a downloadable free report

Everybody loves free stuff. Quickly create a free report with the PLR you purchased and offer it as a gift to those who sign up to be on your list. I’ve written an article onrebranding your PLR and also on how to create massive PLR packs that potential buyers will love.

Just click on the links to read those articles.

Convert your PLR to audio or video

If you have a good voice, you can create an audio recording in MP3 format using the PLR material you bought. If your voice sounds like 2 chainsaws having an argument, no worries. You can go on Fiverr and get someone to do it for you. You’ll need to pay a few bucks but the end product will have a much higher perceived value and you’ll also be catering to a market that prefers to learn by listening.

You can of course do the same thing with videos. Just by converting your PLR into video format, you would have captured a huge market who prefer to learn by watching videos.

The more ways you repackage the PLR, the more mileage you’ll get out of it and the more people you’ll target.

These are just a few ways to use your PLR. What is most important is that once you purchase PLR, you use it as much as you can to get your money’s worth and also to multiply your results within a shorter period of time.

What Niche Should You Buy PLR For?

This is a common question that many beginner marketers have. Everybody wants to get into a niche that is wildly profitable yet has low competition.

While there are niches that are untapped, for the most part, you will find competition in all the hot niches. Do not let that deter you. It is proof that the niche is hot and there is money to be made and you just need to compete.

Of course, you will need to assess your competition first and not go in blindly or you will be up against competition that is just too strong to beat.

You do not choose PLR and then choose the niche. This is the wrong way to go about it.

You choose the niche first! Then you assess the competition. If it looks feasible, then you start looking for PLR that will help you flesh out content for your site or blog.

So which niche do you choose?

The common answer will be to get in niches such as health, wealth and love. After all, everybody wants to get fit, get paid and get laid. So, you have an evergreen market. However, you will need to niche down until you are facing a level of competition you’re up against.

For example, weight loss is a huge niche that has immense competition. A sub-niche here would be weight loss for women. However, even this is highly competitive, So, you niche down to weight loss for women over 40. Now you’re dealing with a manageable niche. The market may be smaller but it will also be easier to conquer.

Now you may look for PLR for this niche. You can use weight loss plr, women’s weight loss plr, etc. There is a lot of flexibility because you can edit the PLR to suit your niche.

When looking for a niche, do check on the following points:

  • Are there people facing problems in this niche? – People with problems are eager buyers.
  • Are people spending money in this niche?
  • Are there many products available to sell/promote?
  • How many searches a month do the search terms get?
  • Are there Facebook groups, forums, social media groups in this niche?
  • What competition are you up against?
  • Are you knowledgeable or passionate about this niche?
  • Are people advertising for products in this niche?
  • Are there affiliates making money promoting products in the niche?
  • Do you know how to drive traffic to this niche?

All these are very pertinent questions you will need to ask before even choosing the niche and brainstorming for domain ideas.

Once you know the answers, you will have a pretty good idea if the niche is worth targeting.

Is it Possible to Rank Pages Which Have PLR Content?

The SEO game is a guessing game at best. Nobody really knows Google’s exact algorithm or what they are looking for. It’s almost as secret as the Coca Cola recipe.

Even the SEO experts only have a rough idea and are always testing, tracking and tweaking. That’s the only way to stay ahead of the SEO game where the landscape changes faster than some people change their underwear.

However, there are a few points that are well-established as far as SEO is concerned. We’ll look at them point by point and see how PLR stacks up against the criteria and how you can handle these issues.

You need 100% original content

This is one of the most important rules as far as SEO is concerned. Google wants fresh content and while it doesn’t frown upon duplicate content that appears on countless websites, it doesn’t rank them well.

The PLR problem ==> Everybody who buys the PLR that you buy will have the exact same content as you.

The one who uploads it to their site first and gets spidered first is often the one who ranks. This is why many people prefer to buy PLR that is limited. That means their content will not be all over the web.

The way around this will be to run your PLR through Copyscape and see if it shows up anywhere else. If it doesn’t, you’ll quickly need to add the content to your blog or site and get it pinged. You could also upload a YouTube video with a link to the page you just uploaded. This will increase your chances of getting indexed fast.

If your PLR does show up in Copyscape, you will need to edit it until you get 90% to 100% unique content. It’s extremely difficult to rank for content that appears exactly in other sites.

You need relevant keyword-rich content

In order to rank well these days, your content should have many related keywords in it. For example, if you’re putting up an article on a bodybuilding website, your article should contain words such as barbells, sets, reps, lifting, rest, good form, diet, bodybuilders, muscles, supplements, programs, etc.

All these words are latent semantic keywords (LSI) which will tell Google that your content is focused and relevant.

The PLR problem ==> Most PLR articles are written for the reader. The way to work around this will be to add a few paragraphs to your existing PLR content and weave in the LSI keywords into your content.

You need backlinks
You’ll need backlinks to your page to boost your site rankings. More importantly, you will need quality backlinks. Do not just spam your page with hundreds of low quality backlinks.

You’ll need to study how to build quality backlinks over time… and you may need to spend money to buy some high quality backlinks. However, if they help to get your page ranked, you just might make your initial investment back many times over.

You need several pages of content

Google rewards authority sites. It is advisable to have a site that has at least 25 pages of solid content ranging from 750 to 1000 words.

The PLR problem ==> Most PLR articles are usually less than 500 words. You can get around this by mixing and matching PLR to come up with longer content. Cut a bit from here, paste it there…. Basically, you are creating Frankenstein content… but as long as it reads well and is unique, you can rank for it.

Adding 2 PLR articles together can easily give you one long article of about 800 to 1000 words. All you then need to do is edit and make them original… which requires some effort… but it’s less effort that writing one from scratch.

By following the tips above, you can rank for PLR content. It all depends on how much effort you put into making your content unique and how aggressive your SEO campaign is.

How Do You Compete with Other Resellers Who Sell the Same Product?

The hard truth is that with PLR, you will not be the only buyer. Unless you’re purchasing extremely limited PLR, the PLR you purchase may have hundreds of other owners.

The good news is that the majority of them will not do anything with the PLR they buy. Most people who try internet marketing usually only buy stuff but take no action. This is a fact.

However, there will be a handful that do take action and will try to make money with the PLR they buy. If the product comes with resell rights, you can bet that they will try to resell it on marketplaces such as eBay, Tradebit or even Fiverr.

The most common tactic they employ will be to drop the price. Next thing you know, everybody starts dropping the price and it becomes a price war. That is exactly why you see PLR products being sold on Tradebit for prices as low as $1.95 or $3.

Some of these are really good products that are worth much more… but have lost all value because of the price wars among sellers.

If you compete on price, that’s all you will have to compete with… and guess what? You will have to drop your price to the point, you will barely earn anything… and whatever you do earn will not justify your efforts.

The best way to beat these resellers will be to raise the price of your product. This may seem counter-intuitive… but what you’re doing is separating yourself from the pack. A product that sells for $17 usually has more perceived value than a product that is going for $2.

Next, you will need to give your PLR a brand new look. That will mean getting new graphics designed. You should also change up the salesletter. The idea is to make the PLR look like a totally new product.

Just like how Tom Cruise wears a mask in Mission Impossible… your PLR must have a mask and appear like a whole new product to hit the market. Don’t worry… this is perfectly legal and ethical, since you own the rights.

I’ve written an article on rebranding your PLR. Read it here.

You will also need to learn traffic generation so that you can generate traffic to your salespage. This is crucial. If you intend to sell your PLR in marketplaces where other PLR resellers congregate, you will definitely need to rebrand your PLR. If you try to sell your PLR exactly like them, it is inevitable that you will need to drop your prices.

No buyer in his/her sane mind would pay more for something when others are selling the exact product cheaper.

This is one way that you can beat other resellers. Do not copy what everyone else is doing.
Like they say, if your follow the herd, you’ll end up stepping in shit.

Be different… make your products look different and you will definitely sell more and sell better.

What Should I Look for In a PLR Product before Buying Its Rights?

It depends. What you will need to look for will depend on what you plan to do with the PLR.

Are you buying it for content that you will put on your site?
Are you going to resell it?
Are you using it to create a brand new product?

Having been in the PLR business for a while, I can safely say that the majority of PLR out there is rubbish. I actually wrote an article on why you should only use high-quality PLR.

When I set up PLR, I told myself that only the best PLR would be on this site. That’s why I create most of the products here. There may not be as much variety as compared to PLR sites that have thousands of products… BUT… all the products here are awesome; which explains why this is one of the very few PLR sites that offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Therefore, the first and most important factor should be Quality.

The PLR you buy must be of good quality. Most importantly, the writing must be good. The content must read well, be informative and on point. You should be aware of which PLR sellers have a reputation for putting out good content.

I’ve written an article showing you some of the best PLR creators. Read it and you will stay on the safe side.

By selling only good quality products, your name will not be associated with junk.

If you plan on reselling the product, take a look at the graphics and sales letter. Ideally, you should rebrand the PLR so that it’s unique… but if you do not wish to do that, at least the graphics and salespage that comes with the PLR should be decent.

You should also look at how old the PLR is. If the product has been on the market for ages, there’s a good chance it may be outdated or contain references that are outdated.

Check if the product comes with a license agreement. If it doesn’t, ask the seller before making your purchase. Make sure the rights that come with the package are not restrictive (ie. Hinder your marketing plan). Click here to learn about the different types of PLR rights.

Another step you could take would be to ask the seller how many copies of the product has been sold. This will give you a rough idea as to how many other people have the product.

It won’t be a very accurate number because if the product has master resell rights, there is no way to ever know how many people have their hands on the product. However, a rough idea is better than no idea. So, you could ask if you want to.

You could try a Google search for the product and see how many search results show up. Check on the popular marketplaces too. It can’t hurt.

These are a few of the important things you should look out for when buying PLR products.

Who Are The Best PLR Providers?

Finding good PLR can be tricky. The problem here is that many PLR packs come with resell rights and are sold over and over and over…. You get the idea.

The end result is that the PLR becomes so diluted, you literally need to rewrite most of it.

Sometimes the PLR is many years old and becomes outdated. If you buy PLR articles and they’re talking about recording videos on VHS players… you have old PLR.

Then there is the writing. Usually, the best PLR is created by people who are actually writers. Like I always say, everybody can write… but not everybody can write well.

There are marketers who are not writers but who still sell PLR. This is ok… but they’ll still need to outsource the writing to someone who can write well. Ultimately, PLR is content and you need content that is good. There’s just no getting around that.

I’ve shortlisted a few of the best PLR producers and PLR sellers that I know. Of course, I must say… ahem… Flaming Hot PLR rocks!… but… there are others who do a great job too.

Let’s look at a few of them. 

Tiffany Lambert –
Definitely one of the best out there. Her PLR mart is huge and when it comes to PLR, she really knows her stuff. You can’t go wrong with, Tiff.

Rick Warid
When it comes to complete Biz-in-a-box PLR packs, Rick’s products are fantastic. You would most probably come across some of his stuff without even knowing it. Salespages, reports, banners, etc. are usually part of his packages. I don’t have a link to his store at the moment.

Kate Reiger –
Excellent work here too. Do visit it and check her stuff out.

PLRAssassin –
When it comes to massive PLR sites, this is one of the best. I used to suggest IDPLR… but from buyer feedback and research, my opinion is that PLRAssassin is better.

Kevin Fahey – Download PLR
This is another excellent site. The trial is only $1You are spoilt for choice and have thousands of products that come with resell rights and MRR rights. It is run by Kevin Fahey and is probably one of the better PLR membership sites out there.

These are the vendors that I think are the best right now. If any new ones pop up, I’ll let you know.

I found a well-written post written by another marketer, Cameron Cook. He reviews several of the best PLR sites in detail. You can read it here.

6 Ways to Market a Resell Rights Product

How you choose to market your resell rights product will depend on how you have packaged it.

1. If you have rebranded your PLR product and it looks nothing like the original product you purchased, you can sell it on marketplaces such as Tradebit, JVZoo, eBay, etc.

The fact that it looks different will make it unique and you will not need to compete on price. I’ve written an article on how to differentiate your PLR from other resellers.

2. The second method will be to promote your product to your mailing list. If you do not havea list, you should start building one. I’d strongly suggest GetResponse. I used to have Aweber and they suddenly stopped their API option. So, my customers could not be automatically be added to my list.

I ended up having 2 autoresponders for a year and finally ended my Aweber subscription. My suggestion: Get GetResponse

Once you have a list, you can market to them several times. Each time you have a new PLR product, you can promote it to them.

3. Paid advertising is another option you can consider. With pay-per-click advertising, you will need to track your ads and make sure you’re turning a profit. It’s crucial that you rebrand your PLR and charge higher prices to recoup the cost of the advertising.

If you know what you’re doing, you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars from the same PLR product that other sellers are selling for peanuts. Read the articles on my PLR Tips page and you will know what to do.

4. Another way to sell your PLR will be to do a joint venture with people who have large mailing lists. It will be a good idea to tailor your product to cater to the niche. Do not promote a rose gardening eBook to a list that is interested in mixed martial arts.

5. Article marketing is another way to get traffic to your site. The old method of submitting articles to article directories does not work anymore. Instead, you should write good articles and submit them to high traffic sites in your niche and ask for a backlink in return.

6. Not all site owners will accept your articles, but many will. You will be able to siphon off some of their traffic to your offer and this may get you quite a few sales. This strategy when repeated will snowball over time and you will see many sales coming in the more articles you have out there.

These are just some of the ways you can get your product out there and making sales. There are many more methods, but these few should be good to start with.

Should You Set Up Your Own PLR Store?

If you think you’d like to set up your own PLR store, you should go for it. It’s a good online business model.

Since you’re reading this, you are already in a PLR store… my store. So, I know it works.

However, there is one thing you must decide on. What type of PLR store are you going to set up?

There are two kinds of PLR sites generally.

•    Proprietary PLR

The first type contains PLR that is proprietary. That basically means, the site owner write his/her own PLR and sells it. This PLR is exclusive and can’t be found elsewhere. Even if you do find the products in other marketplaces, it will most probably still be sold by creator.

This is a much more difficult type of store to create. You will need to write the PLR yourself or pay someone else to. That’s the con… However, the pros are many.

Your PLR will be perceived as high-quality and many buyers prefer buying PLR that is not sold by everybody and their brother. Resell rights PLR is often diluted because nobody really knows how many people own the products.

You may be tempted to fill out your PLR store by buying a ton of PLR from a PLR wholesaler and putting them up on your site. However, most of these articles will be useless. I wrote an article about why you should only use high-quality PLR. This applies to sellers too.

•    Resell rights PLR

This store is often much easier to set-up. You will not need to create any PLR yourself or pay anyone else to write for you either. What you will need to do is buy PLR from creators who offer resell rights.

Once you have enough PLR, you can set up your site and store. You should ensure that you have a wide variety of products to choose from and your pricing will have to be competitive.

This is the downside of setting up a store that sells PLR that others can sell too. There is no uniqueness. To make matters worse, some buyers will sell the exact same products on Tradebit.

The idea of rebranding your PLR might not work because buyers are looking for specific products and if you give the PLR you purchased a whole new look, they wouldn’t recognize it and won’t buy it.

You must have a good knowledge of traffic generation to get customers to a PLR store that doesn’t sell proprietary PLR. Since it doesn’t have a unique selling point, and there are a plethora of such stores around… traffic generation is the key to making sales.

At the end of the day, you can do well with both types of PLR store. You will need to decide if you will start a unique PLR store (slow and difficult route) or a run-of-the-mill PLR store (fast and easy). There are pros and cons to each.

You know which I chose… You will need to decide for yourself which you shall choose.

What You Need to Know About Branding and PLR Videos

These days, any kind of Internet Marketing PLR products, and especially PLR Videos, are a great way to earn money online.

In order to truly be successful with Internet Marketing in the current environment, the best thing to do is create your own products and then market them.

However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Video tutorials are among the hottest trends in today’s marketplace. However, it can feel overwhelming trying to create your own video tutorials. You need to have the right hardware, software and knowledge to create them.

That just includes actually making the video. After that you’re going to still need to be able to produce or render the video so that people will be able to watch it on their computers and other devices.

  • What format should I use?
  • What are the best settings?
  • How do I upload my video to YouTube?

Those are a couple of the overwhelming tasks that you need to deal with.

That’s where PLR Videos can really help you.

Private Label Rights Videos, or PLR videos for short, are videos that allow you to brand them as your own. You may also be able to edit them, change the whole video by adding a different voice, or just throw a custom title in the beginning of the video. The changes you can make will depend on what specific “Rights” you have to the videos. This is referred to as branding PLR Videos.

Most people who buy PLR videos just upload the videos without making any changes to them and try to use them to sell without even adding a custom title page or doing any branding whatsoever.

That is well and good for those of us who are willing to take the extra step and a small amount of work to edit or brand the PLR Videos, since we will be the ones reaping many more benefits for taking a few extra steps.

There are free and open source video editing software that can be downloaded and isn’t very hard to use. Just do a few searches for free video editing software. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding some.

I would recommend that you at least do a minimal amount of editing. At the beginning of the video add your own title, and at the end a credits clip. The clips will be images telling those watching your video who you are and will also include a “Call To Action.” So you will basically be telling them where to find out more about your products and business.

Before selling PLR Video, or any other type of PLR Products for that matter, you should at least brand them first. Try to add your own voice or take image captures from parts of the video and then create a pdf full of graphics. You can offer your sources files (Word Doc) of the graphic pdf as a bonus or upsell to the video package you are selling.

The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to what can be done with PLR videos as well as other kinds of PLR products.


Should You Hire a Ghostwriter or Use PLR?

There is no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on your business goals, your budget and what you like doing.

Some people abhor writing. In this case, you may wish to hire a ghostwriter. Even if you buy PLR and plan on using it on your site or blog, it’s always advisable to rewrite the content to make it unique.

Or you could give the PLR to a ghostwriter and ask them to rewrite it… but then it becomes ghostwritten content. Technically.

You’ll need to understand the benefits and disadvantages of both to make an informed decision.

Ghostwritten articles will be 100% unique if your ghostwriter does a good job. That makes it better than PLR which will be used by those who purchased it and will not be unique.

However, ghostwritten articles/content will cost you much more. So, your budget must be able to accommodate the cost of hiring a writer. If you need lots of content, the writer’s fees can pile up considerably and will affect your bottom line.

You should be aware that good writers do charge much more. There is a world of difference in quality. I actually used 3 writers from Fiverr, and all turned in miserable work. So, be aware that even if you pay someone to write for you, there is no guarantee that the quality will be sterling.

The onus will be on you to locate a good writer that fits in with your budget. Also, you will need to run all the content they give you through a plagiarism checker such as Copyscape.

Some writers steal content. Others take on more work than they can handle… and still charge high rates while they outsource their writing to cheaper writers. These are just some of the truths that you must be aware of.

Now let’s look at PLR.

I’ll be the first to admit that the majority of PLR out there is usually crap. I hate to say it… but it’s true. Because of this, the very idea of using PLR is anathema to many marketers because finding good PLR is tough.

The benefits of PLR are that they are much less costly and you can get the content instantly upon purchase. You don’t need to wait for the writing to be completed, etc. You will also need to locate PLR that actually has content in your niche or which suits your needs.

It would be a good idea to get PLR and hire a ghostwriter to rewrite it, if you really do not like writing. Usually it should be cheaper to rewrite PLR rather getting one written from scratch. Just make sure that the PLR content is relatively good to begin with. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Assess your budget and decide which route you will go. If you’re on a tight budget, go the PLR route and rewrite the content yourself. If you’re already making money online, you may buy high-quality PLR and get it rewritten. If you really just want content that is unique, excellent and hassle free, you should hire a professional ghostwriter.

How to Convert PLR Reports Into Emails

One clever strategy of using PLR reports will be to convert them into emails for your autoresponder sequence. This method can also be used for articles, ebooks, etc.

This method of repurposing your PLR is not new but it’s not commonly used either. Unlike using PLR for your site or blog… with emails, you really do not need to rewrite the PLR. You can use it as it is. You’ll just need to add an introduction and an ending or call to action in your email.

I found a video by Sharyn Sheldon that explains this method perfectly. Watch it and implement it.

Are Resell Rights Products Dead?

If you have read the earlier articles, you’d know the difference between resell rights products and PLR products. 

Many marketers often dismiss resell rights products as shoddy and skimpy eBooks that lack quality, depth and value.

For the most part, this is often true. Many marketers hastily put together an eBook and a dodgy sales page and sell both together as a resell rights product. There are thousands of such products littering the IM landscape.

The information in these products is questionable and you will need to do some basic fact checking to ascertain if the info is on point.

That being said, resell rights products are not dead and can definitely be used to make money. In fact, several marketers make thousands by selling resell rights products.

There are 2 immutable rules to follow.

  • Only use quality resell rights products
  • Rebrand your products to make them unique

One of the best online courses about making money with resell rights products is the60 Minute Reseller.

This I can say with certainty because I bought it and even reviewed it on my site atDynamite WSOs.

The most important thing to check when buying a resell rights product is whether it comes with the source files. You MUST be able to edit the product.

This is very important. If you buy an eBook about organic gardening and the rights do not allow you to edit it, you will be stuck with what you have bought. In the event that the writing in the book is not up to standard, there will be nothing that you can do.

You will not want to sell a rubbish product but you would also have paid for a resell rights product that is of no use to you.

Always look for products that allow you to edit them. Good PLR providers often provide the source files with their product. You’ll get the PSD files for the images and the text/word files for the reports.

With these, you can customize and edit the product till it meets your standards. An eBook that is too short can always be lengthened by adding chapters. Grammar and spelling errors can always be corrected. You could even insert images in a boring text eBook to spice things up.

But you can only do all these with the source files and the rights to edit and claim copyright of the work.

I’ve often seen shitty resell rights products where the rights are so stringent that they barely give you room to maneuver. It’s as if the product creator is so proud of his/her work that they will allow you to sell it but not edit it or claim authorship.

My advice – Stay clear of these products.

Stick to reliable PLR sellers and you will be fine.

Besides editing the report, you will have several other tasks such as changing the cover, giving the salespage a makeover, setting up a payment button, etc.

There is work involved with selling a resell rights product. This is where most amateur marketers get it wrong.

They just take the resell rights product as it is and try selling it without making any changes. The problem here is that your product is no different from the hundreds of other people who are selling it.

The problem is exacerbated if the product comes with master resell rights. Now the market is truly flooded and everyone is competing on price by selling the product for pennies and devaluing the product. You NEED to get away from this crowd… get far away.

You must rebrand your PLR just like how the 60 Minute Reseller shows you. If you plan on making money with resell rights products, you need to follow a system that works and puts you ahead of the competition.

Resell rights products are not dead. In fact, they can be very profitable if you know what to do.

Are There Any Downsides to Using PLR?

It is common for many beginners to think that there are downsides or negative issues to using PLR. In almost all cases, they are misinformed and do not truly understand what private label rights products are.

There are many websites and uninformed marketers who frown upon PLR products with disdain and adamantly refuse to use them. The fact of the matter is that there are thousands of marketers using PLR to make profits.

Now let’s look at the common misconceptions people have about PLR and the arguments against using PLR.


Many people cannot wrap their heads around the fact that you can take someone else’s work (PLR articles, PLR eBooks, etc.) put your name to it and sell it as your own.

They falsely assume that some copyright infringement is taking place.

The truth is that PLR is called private label rights for a reason. You are given the RIGHT to put your name as the author and call the product your own. Of course, this will depend on the terms of the PLR license, but you get the point.

If the product gives you the right to call yourself the author, then it is totally legal to do so. After all, you are paying for the right to do so.

There is no copyright infringement. Who is going to sue you? NOBODY!

The creator of the PLR product gave you the right to use it. If you bought his or her PLR eBooks or articles, you are a valued customer and they’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot by abusing their customers.

There are some marketers who wonder how different buyers can purchase the same resell rights eBook, slap their name on it and sell it as if they wrote it themselves.

They can’t fathom how one book can have so many different authors. God forbid if the customer notices this glaring discrepancy.

Firstly, everyone who buys the PLR eBook can call themselves the author of the book if it comes with authorship rights. So, that’s legal and perfectly fine.

Secondly,… yes, the customer may come across the eBooks sold by different sellers with different author names. This is a slim possibility. That is why the experienced marketers rebrand the PLR they purchase, give it a brand new look and sell it as if it is a proprietary product that is unique.

Lastly, it is legal to use PLR and the best way to succeed with it will be to rebrand and make your PLR unique in the marketplace. I’d strongly suggest using the 60 Minute Reseller techniques to separate yourself from the herd who are busily stepping in each other’s poop. Be unique.

Duplicate Content

Ooh! Another Boogeyman here. Duplicate content which results in slaps from Google. Really? Will using PLR articles on your site affect you negatively.

In one word… NO.

Google will NOT penalize you for having content on your site that also appears on other sites. In fact, most news sites have similar content that is syndicated.

Google will penalize you if you use the same article repeatedly on your own site several times in order to game the SEO system and rank. This is something you must grasp.

You can use PLR articles that others may also use on their site. However, in all probability, your article will not rank because Google will only index an article once. So, usually the first buyer to use the PLR on his or her site will get their content indexed.


Well… if you’re using quality PLR, you will not need to worry about this. I’ve provided a list of the best PLR sellers around… and of course, Flaming Hot PLR content is NOT plagiarized.

However, if you decide to purchase those massive PLR packs that have a few hundred thousand articles in them for a few dollars, there is a risk of plagiarism. Nobody knows who created these packs and the content may have been scraped from other sites and just copied and pasted in text files.

Now, there is possibility of having plagiarized content.

Stick to reliable, high quality PLR sellers. I’ve written an article about the importance of using quality PLR here.


There is a common belief that PLR content is crap. For the most part, this is unfortunately true. That is why it is so important to find good PLR sellers. Usually, the best PLR sellers are writers. Sellers like Tiffany Lambert, Helene Malsio, Alice Seba, etc.

Get PLR for reliable PLR sellers.

Accuracy of Information

This is another issue that is often not mentioned. Always do some basic fact checking when using PLR content. This will ensure that your content is factually accurate and up-to-date. Statistics may change over time and if your PLR article or eBook has stats in them, you might want to check if they are current.

Change the facts to make your content accurate and reliable. There is a ton of rubbish being passed of as genuine content online.


Another worry that many beginners have. Yes, your product can become oversaturated if you try and use it as it is. The majority of amateur marketers buy a PLR product and just try to sell it off as it is at a cheaper price in marketplaces where other cheapo sellers congregate.

The savvy marketer knows that he or she can charge way more for the same PLR product by changing the cover, modifying the sales page a little, charging a reasonable price and making their product look unique.

Does it take work? Yes… but you will have a product that is totally different from the rest that are flooding the marketplace. You are selling the same PLR product. The only difference is that you have given it an extreme makeover. Ty Pennington would be proud of you.

Now that I’ve dispelled the common misconceptions and shed light on the perceived negative aspects of PLR… you should know that you can have your PLR cake and eat it too.

You can quickly have a wide range of products to sell with just a teeny bit of work on your part. You can leverage off other people’s efforts and start making money online much quicker than trying to create your own product which can be a nightmare that even Freddy Krueger doesn’t want to be a part of.

Use PLR well. It is a fountain of wealth for the clever marketer.

How to Use PLR Reviews That You Buy

The biggest mistake that most marketers make when buying PLR is… drum roll please

They DO NOT use the PLR that they buy.

The act of purchasing the PLR is not going to make you money. In fact, you’ve only spent money. The only way to make money from your PLR is to use it.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s look at how to use PLR reviews.

PLR reviews are highly popular. I have created ClickBank PLR Reviews and sold several volumes. Other PLR sellers also create PLR reviews for products sold on Amazon or other marketplaces.

If you purchase a pack of PLR reviews and you’re wondering how to use them, watch the video.

Implement Toy PLR from Tiffany Lambert on Vimeo.

You’ll need to set up a website and add the PLR reviews to your site. Do not panic. It is pretty straightforward.

Tiffany Lambert made a video to help her customers out. Since she does such a good job explaining, there’s really no point in me making a video.

However, I would strongly suggest doing some keyword research and rewriting parts of the review to make it unique.

Group several closely related keywords and sprinkle them throughout your review. This will help you with your SEO. You never know what keywords you will rank for.

All you need to do is offer you opinion and change up about 30% to 40% of the PLR text. Is this too difficult? No… Is it necessary? Well,… not really… BUT it is highly recommended.

You must remember that there will be many other people buying the same PLR product as you. Assuming that many of them use the PLR reviews as they are, who will Google rank?

Probably the first person who uses the PLR and gets their page indexed. You might beat them if you build some backlinks to your page… but the best way to rank with the same PLR will be to rewrite it a little, add in your keywords and make the entire review seem.

The extra work will pay dividends when you get more traffic to your page and make more affiliate sales.

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Niche to Target?

This topic about finding profitable niches is not new but is often misunderstood by many. I’ve created PLR on many niches and I’ve been asked to create PLR for nichesthat I didn’t even know existed… Yet, someone is making money in there.

There are a few fallacies that I must dispel.

  • Firstly, the idea of finding a niche with no competition is wrong. You really want to find a niche that has competition. If there are other sellers in the market, thatmeans that there is money to be made here. You do not want to find a niche that has no sellers and you happily build a blog and spend hours using PLR content to fill up your blog only to discover that this is not a niche where people spend money.
  • Secondly, problems are not the only place where people spend money. There is a common idea that you should get into niches where people are desperate to solve their problems. For example, foot fungus, herpes, etc. While this is true, millions of dollars are also spent on niches that are hobbies, etc.So, do not pigeonhole yourself.
  • Lastly, follow your passion. Not true. It is always better to go into a niche where money can be made and start being passionate about it… instead of beingpassionate about something and realizing later on that the market is too small to generate any decent income. I’ve listed out a few quick pointers for picking a niche.

The fact of the matter is that if you can find PLR for a niche, you most probably can make money with it. Most PLR sellers would not create PLR eBooks or PLR articles for niches which nobody is interested in. After all, they need to sell their PLR too.

Here is how you can spot a profitable niche and profit in it.

  • Find existing hot niches and drill down several levels till you are at a level where there is competition but it is manageable. For example, weight loss is highly competitive. You’d never rank for that. Weight loss for women is a sub niche. Still competitive.Weight loss for women over 40 is a good niche but it could get better. How about weight loss for diabetic women above 40? Now we’re cooking.This is a highly popular niche and you can definitely provide value here and tap into the market. It is a subset of a highly popular niche but it’s a lot less competitive.
  • Look for products & services that are selling in your niche.This is a key indicator of profitability. A market with buyers will always have products and services catering to them. The supply will spring up whenever there is demand. If you find no other products, that could mean the niche is either not profitable… or not discovered (highly unlikely).
  • Look for advertisements for related niche products on Google Adwords.Advertisers will only spend money on niches that make money. As long as money is being spent on advertising, you can bet that there is a return on investment and sales are being made.

  • Use a Keyword Analysis Tool like Long Tail Pro to ascertain the competitiveness of the keywords. There is no point in targeting a niche for keywords that are so highlycompetitive that you have a kitten’s chance in hell of ranking for them.
  • Also check search volumes. You want many people searching for your terms.

Even if you’re targeting many long tail keywords, you must have a sizable total when the search volumes of all these keywords are added up.

  • Look for affiliate programs and products to promote. Ideally, it would be a good idea to test the niche and the success of your site/blog by linking to affiliateproducts. If you make good sales as an affiliate, you can always create your own product for that niche or sell a PLR product and reap 100% of the profits. You could even get affiliates to promote your product.
  • Search for forums, blogs, Facebook groups, social media groups, etc. related to your niche. Besides SEO, you’d also want to guest post on blogs, forums, etc. to get backlinks to your site and increase your site’s exposure. If you go into your niche blindly without checking this, you’ll be hard pressed to promote your site. SEO can take ages and is unreliable. You must be able to get your site out there and draw visitors to it.
  • Set up a test site or blog. Building a web property that acts as an authority site, takes time, money and effort. You do not want to be raising a white elephant.Use PLR material to create your niche site. Make sure you add value and build a list.

Market to your list and monetize your sites. Drive some traffic and study your conversion stats. Tweak and do what you must to make it profitable. If after your best efforts, your site doesn’t seem to generate sales, you might want to cut your losses and focus on another niche.

  • Check if you have an evergreen niche. Focusing on a short term niche will mean that your earnings dry up once the fad or trend has passed. Ask yourself if your niche is ethical and legal. For example, do not create a blog about hacking.Many people frown upon such sites and problems can crop up.
  • See if you can quickly think of content to write about for your site. If you are not a writer and using PLR instead, do a quick search for plr content, plr ebooks, plr autoresponder email sequences, etc. related to your niche.

Can you find any? If you can’t find any PLR, that will mean that you have to outsource your writing or do it yourself. That’s time and money right waiting to be spent right there.

These are just a few of the most important considerations when picking a niche. Get it right in the beginning and you will save yourself a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.

Can I Make Money Selling PLR on Fiverr and Tradebit?

You definitely can… but don’t expect to sack your boss or quit your day job with the income you will earn from selling your PLR on these sites.

I actually tested Tradebit out and listed a few of my PLR products there. Guess how many sold?


The reason for this is that my PLR was priced from around $7 to $9.95. The majority of PLR products on Tradebit sell for anywhere from $2 to $4. The sellers are competing with each other on price and it is very common to see each of them undercutting each other to the point where the pricing just doesn’t make sense.

Not only have they devalued the PLR products, but they also have dug a hole for themselves because it is almost impossible to make any kind of sustainable income by selling products for pennies.

The only way to make money on Tradebit will be to list hundreds of PLR products and charge a bargain basement price. You could probably combine 3 or 4 related PLR products and offer it at a lower price than the other sellers.

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend this method of making money with PLR. But if you are an absolute newbie and just want to try something out, you could do this.

It is a numbers game. So, the more products you have listed, the higher your chances of making sales.

The same applies with selling PLR ebooks or PLR articles on Fiverr. Since you can’t manipulate the price, the best way to stand out from the rest of the sellers will be to have an awesome image, a cool video and a package that delivers a ton of value.

Fiverr buyers are constantly looking for a good deal… and that means getting as much as they can for the 5 bucks that they pay. The truth of the matter is that most of the PLR sold on Fiverr is old, outdated crap.

Yet, the PLR sellers on Fiverr make sales. Several of them made over a hundred sales and so on. You should do your market research there and see what is selling well and duplicate it.

Do bear in mind that you can make some money selling PLR on marketplaces such as Fiverr and Tradebit… but if you truly want to rake in the money, you will need to getgood quality PLR, rebrand it and make it unique and set it all up to make sales. Once all that is done, you’ll need to drive traffic to your offer and sell the product.

That is the best way to make money with PLR and maximize your profits.