The 3-Minute Rule is a practical all-in-one guide to the perfect presentation, which should optimally last for three minutes. Why? The book claims that audiences form their first impression in less that time. Author Brant Pinvidic has cleverly summarized the most crucial steps in his so-called “WHAC your story?” template that reveals the smartest way to divide the allotted time for a presentation.


Final Notes

Endorsed by everyone from Kathy Ireland to Tony Robbins, Brant Pinvidic’s “The 3-Minute Rule” advertises as your no-nonsense, no-theatrics, no-gimmicks all-in-one guide to the perfect presentation.

And, for the most part, it really is. The only drawbacks, in our opinion, might be the fact that the 3-minute presentation ends up being much longer and that the book often fails to follow a recipe of its own, explaining too much where a few statements should do, and constantly repeating the main points throughout.

But, then again, it wouldn’t hurt if you think of “The 3-Minute Rule” as a ladder to throw away once you climbed it up to reach that oh-so-coveted promise-land of the modern world: the successful pitch.